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Poorly considered playground

Council is proposing to build a ‘Livvi’s Place’ playground on the site of the existing, small playground in High Street near Montefiori in heritage listed Boronia Park.  Livvi’s Place playgrounds cater for the very young and those who find it difficult to engage with many existing playgrounds. Why would Hunters Hill Council want to destroy […]
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Inferior work in Boronia Park

Does this road (left) look like  a “meandering trail with low indigenous vegetation to sides” to you? The Boronia Park Plan of Management was developed after exhaustive research, consultation  and expense.  It clearly states that the lower part of the existing Princes Street roadway be replaced so as ‘to allow for improved pedestrian amenity and […]
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Boronia Park: proposed works

Priority aspects of the Boronia Park Management Plan 2015 are being implemented.   See the Plan of works.  It includes the looped Track Upgrades to Princes Street Access Road Shelters, picnic tables and benches Boronia Park carpark entrance. Send feedback to Hunters Hill Council by April 3 2017.
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Missed opportunity in Heritage listed Boronia Park

It’s great to have new netball courts in Boronia Park, BUT the location is really insensitive and has a negative impact on the surrounding fields. With a little bit of consideration and expertise it could have been handled so much better. Boronia Park is a Schedule 5 listed Heritage Item in the Local Environment Plan […]
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alienation of Boronia Park

The Weekly Times published this letter from HHT’s Brigid Dowsett on January 12th, 2016 “Over the many years of controversy concerning mismanagement and degradation of Boronia Park with the reconstruction of Oval 3, much debate has featured in the local press.  After a protracted 18 month process to develop a revised Plan of Management to […]
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ordinary visitors & environmental concerns overlooked in Boronia Park

Despite protests from Hunters Hill Trust, Ryde & Hunters Hill Flora & Fauna Flora Preservation Society and many community members, Council has unanimously adopted the latest version of the Plan of Management for Boronia Park.  The new plan allows for: car parking inside the park in Princes Street sporting clubs to open and close the gate to […]
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Did you speak up for Boronia Park?

Parkland  or  carpark-land Send your comments on the future plans for Boronia Park.  Check the post below for full details of the issues.  If you hate writing letters, you can download, sign and send our Form letter instead. You have until 4:00pm Wednesday 16th September to speak up.
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The character of heritage-listed Boronia Park

The Revised plan of Management for Boronia Park has many positive additions, including some suggestions we made in our original submission.  BUT some changes may damage the character of the park: Private vehicles in the body of the park (entering via Princes St) Location of a ‘Community Facility’ within the proposed amenity block between ovals 2 & 3. We believe such a […]
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New Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park

Council has updated the Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park. Check Alister Sharp’s detailed review of the How this Draft Plan compares with 2014 Draft Plan.  Important changes include: cars would be admitted to Princes ‘during home game days, designated organised sporting group training times and sporting/community events only, with opening and closing of the gate […]
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Updated Draft Plan for Boronia Park

The updated Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park will be on exhibition at Council from 19 August until 16 September 2015. You can go to Council’s website to see: Updated Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park July 2015 Updated Concept Design Report on Consultation Outcomes for the Boronia Park Draft Plan of Management […]
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