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Hunters Hill Trust has always been committed to communicating with the community.  Here is the HHT’s first Newsletter #1 April 1968. 


Heritage of Hunters Hill, Edition 4, 2002

green book coverThis book was first published in 1969 and expanded in 1977 and 2002. It contains photos and information about the old buildings of Hunters Hill in their historical contexts and landscape settings.

.  Price $20.00

.  Buy a copy at Hunters Hill Post Office


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industrial village coverIndustrial Village of Woolwich by Connie Ewald, 2000

Hard copy $15 at Hunters Hill Post Office




Design Guide for Heritage, by Government Architects of NSW and NSW Heritage Council




Guided walks brochures

glimpse coverWalk 1  56 heritage items Alexandra St, Ferry St, Woolwich Rd, Glenview Crescent and more

Walk 2  34 heritage items Mount, Madeline, Ferdinand and Alexandra Streets

Walk 3  32 heritage items Woolwich Rd, Wybalena Rd, Ferry St.



Stubbs farm, (Villa Maria) 1854 Image: John Hosie

Stubbs farm, (Villa Maria) 1854  Image: John Hosie


The Priory

The Priory:  a history of the building and its site by Roslyn Maguire and Diana Drake, 1992




Keeping Hunters Hill Alive:  The Hunter’s Hill Trust’s Guide to restoration, extensions, car and pool accommodation, gardens, walls and new buildings.  Price: $5

Charter for Hunters Hill, 2004.  Prior to the 2004 Council elections, Hunters Hill Trust asked each of the candidates if they agreed with these principles.  All successful candidates except Peter Astridge signed the charter, including Mayor: Sue Hoopman, Councillors:  Bruce Lucas, Ross Sheerin, Annabelle Croll, Simon Frame and Jason Lin.