Priority aspects of the Boronia Park Management Plan 2015 are being implemented.   See the Plan of works.  It includes

  • the looped Track
  • Upgrades to Princes Street Access Road
  • Shelters, picnic tables and benches
  • Boronia Park carpark entrance.

Send feedback to Hunters Hill Council by April 3 2017.

Looped Walking Track

Section 1 – Removal of 100mm gravel from existing path to be replaced with soft fall mulch at a depth of 100m. The timber edged  path with soft fall mulch will be extended to meet with approximately 45 Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) steps with recycled plastic bearers down the steep slope between ovals 2 & 3. Steps will be 1.2 metres wide and built in accordance with Australian Standards. A steel handrail will be installed along the FRP steps and will meet with the existing steel fence. Existing timber steps will be removed and replaced with turf.

Section 2 – 4 stone steps will be installed and will be 1.2 metres wide with staggered joints.

Wayfinder posts/bollards – Approximately 25 green recycled plastic 125 mm square bollards will be installed along the looped track with a letter “B” and arrow similar to the Great North Walk bollards

Works will be undertaken by Toolijooa Pty Ltd  who recently completed the upgrade to the Kellys Bush main walking track.

Princes Street access road

Princes Street will be upgraded including narrowing of lowers section beyond the second gate to 3 metres wide as described in 3.1 (page 45) in the Boronia Park Plan of Management.

Shelters, picnic tables and benches

2 Shelters (the same style installed in Boronia Park and Buffalo Creek Reserve) will be installed at the waters edge and adjacent to the second gate. 2 green wheelchair access picnic tables made of recycled plastic, will be installed in shelters. Recycled plastic seating has been installed in the grandstand.

Approximately 5 green benches made of recycled plastic will be installed at the waters edge and along the lower section of Princes Street beyond the second gate.

Boronia Park carpark entrance improvements

Install entrance signage along Park Road at the entrance to the carpark – refer to attached map for location.