No. 39 Alexandra Street is a two storey brick bald-faced shop and residence on a corner on the peninsula in Hunters Hill.  The building is Heritage listed as a property of some significance. The building is believed to have been named ‘Miranda’ .


'Miranda' today

‘Miranda’ today










After the initial subdivision in 1863, the block and several adjacent to it (down to Martha Street) were owned by the family of John Cuneo and formed Cuneo’s Recreation Ground. Following further subdivision, the land was in the Clarke family (the first permanent settlers in Woolwich in the 1830s and to which Clarkes Point owes its name) from 1892 until 1963, the Binns family from 1963 to 1973 and P.F. Marketing Pty Ltd until 2010. It has been a corner shop and grocer, an antique shop, a furniture showroom and art gallery and a real estate agency.  A nursery has operated in the garden since the 1970s. The second floor had been a private residence until it was purchased in 1973.

The building itself is largely original. Plans were drawn up for renovations in the 1960s but they were not executed.  Minor changes to the floor plan have been made both upstairs and down as well as a small re-configuration on the southern side to house the garden centre.  These changes have had little structural significance to the building.

The building is listed in the Hunter’s Hill Local Environmental Plan No 1, Schedule 6 Items of the environmental heritage with the date of construction circa 1890.

Miranda 2

Title information

The property is known as Lot 1, Deposited Plan No: 114317, Parish of Hunters Hill, County of Cumberland.

Previous title deeds are:

1863: Volume 1 Folio 148

1867: Volume 53 Folio 13

1892: Volume 1064 Folio 229

1894: Volume 1138 Folio 213

1937: Volume 4892 Folio 37

1980: Volume 14281 Folio 147