Buildings of interest

TheĀ Heritage Walk Guide 2016 prepared and published by the Hunters Hill Historical Society provides information about 70 heritage locations in Hunters Hill that are marked with a footpath plaque.


St Claire, 1879. Photo Douglass Baglin, 1989

St Claire, 1879. built by Jeanneret. Image by Douglass Baglin, 1989


Warrawella verandah, image by Douglass Baglin

Warrawilla built 1860s, image by Douglass Baglin, 1989



Wybalena, built by Jeanneret 1874

Vineta, 2 View Street

Vineta, 2 View Street built 1892

Huntleys Point House, image by Rechberger

Huntleys Point House, image by Rechberger