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The Revised plan of Management for Boronia Park has many positive additions, including some suggestions we made in our original submission.  BUT some changes may damage the character of the park:

  • Private vehicles in the body of the park (entering via Princes St)
  • Location of a ‘Community Facility’ within the proposed amenity block between ovals 2 & 3. We believe such a facility would be best located near the Grandstand and the existing carpark, not in the body of the park.

Read the Hunters Hill Trust’s submission to Council for the full picture, including concerns about:

  • Lighting Oval 3
  • Exercising dogs
  • Disabled access
  • The need for ongoing consultation
  • Protection against alienation of public access.

Of course your own personal letter is best, but if you haven’t got time to write your own, you can use our Form letter.

Comments must get to Council at Box 21 Hunters Hill 2110 or by email to vollmerj@huntershill.nsw.gov.au before 4pm Wednesday 16th September.