Vol 24 No 1-2, April 1995 Part 1 and Vol 24 No 1-2, April 1995 Part 2

  • Woodstock and its Early Tenants, by Megan Martin and Diana Drake
  • Hunter’s Hill Votes Against Aircraft Noise
  • Dulce Domum, Vailele and John Richard Houlding, by Mari Metzke.

Vol 25, 1-2, April 1996

  • “The Haven” and its History, by Megan Martin
  • The Architect of “The Haven”, by Roslyn Maguire
  • Hunters Hill Council and “The Haven”, by Roslyn Maguire
  • Kelly’s Bush, The Green Ban Silver Jubilee
  • The Need for a Tougher Stand on Heritage, by Mathew Baird.

Vol 25, No 3, November 1996

  • 25th anniversary of Green Ban on Kelly’s Bush, by Rodney Cavalier
  • The public face of the Trust
  • Kaoota Centenary
  • Responsible decision making and the Haven site, Hunters Hill, by Robert Staas
  • Aeroplane strategies
  • Cables in your sky
  • HHT Traffic seminar, by Andrew Yew.

Vol 26, No 1, February 1997

  • Future of the Army land at Woolwich
  • Putting the case for heritage, by Justice Paul Stein
  • The last bandicoot in Hunters Hill
  • A confusion of names: Hunters Hill and an Australian dynasty, by Richard Temple
  • Report on Council is not a bedtime story
  • The charmed circle bigger? Trust supports expansion of conservation area.

Vol 26, No 2, April 1997

  • Rowing heritage at Henley, by Gil Wahlquist and Diana Drake
  • Tarban Creek must be cleaned up, by Sally Gaunt
  • Meeting wants army land as park
  • Developers contribute $100,000
  • Bush regeneration
  • Report on Council answered.

Vol 26, No 3, November 1997

  • Forgotten heritage, by Megan Martin
  • Report on Council revisited, Councillor Phipson, Mayor
  • Woolwich land, by Gil Wahlquist
  • Vale Jean Rankin
  • A taxing problem
  • Lost horizon.

Vol 27, No 1, March 1998

  • Twentieth century heritage, by Roy Lumby
  • Museum likes dock site
  • Fencing Tarban Creek
  • No Sorry Book at Town Hall
  • Something to do with waiting for the tax man
  • Dual occupancy up and running again
  • Boronia Park dog worry
  • Getting busy in our bushland.

Vol 27, No 2, May 1998

  • How the Trust saved Hunters Hill
  • 15 Dick Street beach needed for future residents
  • It’s time to review the Heritage Study for the next 30 years
  • Court stops spread of bulky houses
  • Urban design to give a new look to the Hunters Hill village centre
  • Cowell street buildings under threat
  • Youth seek skateboard ramp
  • Tin cans on display Arthur’s story
  • Proposal to place Trust archives with Ryde Local Studies
  • Health Dept wants to gouge council for pre-school rent
  • Ryde Swimming pool
  • Concrete farm animals for Vienna.

Vol 27, No 3, September 1998

  • ‘Our Park’, Gillian Leahy’s film
  • The view from the River:  Angelo Street development
  • The fight goes on into the 31st year
  • The Tarban Creek sewer, by Sally Gaunt
  • Dick Street Beach
  • Addition to Great North walk
  • Three Patriots of our village
  • Cowell street development thrown out
  • Bush news.

Vol 38, No 1, March 1999

  • Blake Avenue and Prince Edward Parade, by Robyn Christie
  • Good news on sewerage, by Sally Gaunt
  • Heritage Planning:  review process, by Robyn Christie
  • New park at Bedlam Bay can interpret hospital history, by Gil Wahlquist
  • Trust favours dig for rowing relics at 15 Dick Street.

Vol 38, No 2, July 1999

  • Douglass Baglin gives his Hunters Hill picture collection to the State Library
  • $50,000 grant for Federation Walk at Hunters Hill High School
  • Council says “no” to demolition of 1915 house at Viret Street
  • How new building can fit the old
  • Most here are not mega-rich
  • We want action on Army land.

Vol 39, No 1, March 2000

  • Proposal for 20 bus shelters with billboards
  • “Degrading” says National Trust in letter to Council
  • Basil Turner of the Woolwich ether factory
  • PM meets our delegation on Army land
  • Woolwich we love you
  • Decision to sell High School land taken by 1% of parents.

Vol 39, No 2, May 2000

  • Tarban Creek Reserve new look
  • Senate committee proposes changes to Sydney Harbour Foreshores Bill
  • Federation Commemoration Walk plans on display.

Vol 39, No 3, October 2000

  • Hunters Hill Council fence policy:  a critical view
  • Environment Court supported heritage argument on 1 Ferry Street house
  • Builders are chipping away at Hunters Hill sandstone features
  • Telling the story is a part of saving our heritage streets.

Vol 40, No 1, April 2001

  • Trust heritage walk project
  • We are wrecking our historic gardens, by Robyn Christie
  • Slow cities, slow suburbs, by Gilly Coote
  • Planned fourth edition of the green book “Heritage of Hunters Hill”
  • How Flagstaff Street was named, by Robyn Christie
  • Rebuilding High School hall.

Vol 40, No 2, May 2001.  Federation Centenary Special Issue

  • Return to Pleasure Grounds to celebrate Federation
  • An honour from the King
  • A whelp of a son became an honoured citizen
  • A dream of a united Australia
  • When Fig Tree Studios were in action, by John Daniell
  • Our river is Turanburra
  • From Pleasure Grounds to High School.

Vol 40, No 3, September 2001

  • Not … Happy … John
  • Heritage listing is a contentious issue, by Paul Coombes
  • Woolwich:  a walk forgotten, by Connie Ewald
  • Why the Trust wants to save the School, by Tony Coote
  • Mr Carr’s policy on foreshore lands
  • Rates will go higher under amalgamation
  • Council states its policy on gardens, by Don Cottee, Hunters Hill Council
  • That was the year that was, by Tony Coote.

Vol 41, No 1, May 2002

  • Back to basics after Village plan dumped, by Tony Coote
  • Days of the Wattamattagal remembered
  • Proposed changes to the Trust constitution
  • The strange case of the lost document which recommended the Hunters Hilll High School should not close
  • Application for Heritage Grant to complete survey
  • Green Book reprint
  • Perhaps it’s time to claim Gladesville for Hunters Hill, by Brendon Stewart.

Vol 41, No 2, October 2002

  • How the Council paid up for the fence it didn’t like, by Tony Coote
  • A brief survey of the early 20th century houses along Ryde Road, by Roslyn Maguire
  • Gladesville Hospital and High School in Government real estate portfolio, by Gil Wahlquist
  • I hoped that she and her house would live forever, by Cathy Sherry
  • Federation Trust defies properties of the former defence site at Woolwich
  • Hunters Hill was never a museum, by Beverley Sherry.

Vol 42, No 1, October 2003

  • The amalgamation wars declared again
  • Report on other issues tackled by the Trust
  • Village working group is polarised.

Vol 43, No 1, August 2004

  • Stone house saved by residents at Land and Environment Court
  • President’s report, by Tony Coote
  • You want to conserve it?  Find someone to lease it, by Chris Hartley
  • Connie Ewald:  for peace and the bush, by Gil Wahlquist
  • Doreen Saunders’ research the foundation for our original conservation document. by Roslyn Maguire.

Vol 43, No 2, November 2004

  • A matter of commitment, by David Gaunt
  • Field of Mars Common is 200 years old, by Margaret Christie.

Vol 43, No 4, November 2005

  • Renovate or detonate, by Tony Coote
  • From the president, by David Gaunt
  • Words of Burning Gold, by Beverley Sherry
  • A matter of concern, by David Gaunt.

Vol 43, No 4, October 2005

  • President’s news, by David Gaunt
  • The story of the Garibaldi
  • The worldwide church of Modernism:  a heretic’s view, by Tony Coote.

Vol 44, No 1, March 2006

  • From the President’s Desk, by David Gaunt
  • The Trust and the Conservation Advisory Panel (CAP), by Tony Coote
  • Productivity Commission’s Report Heritage Sell-Out
  • Diana Temple
  • Your house and how to look after it.

Vol 44, No 2, October 2006

  • The good, the bad and the ugly, by David Gaunt
  • On Modernism: more heresies, by Tony Coote
  • Productivity Commission inquiry report poses a threat to heritage.