Waiwera, Hunters Hill, 1878

Alf and Julie Cocco, the present day owners of Waiwera, graciously hosted the Hunters Hill Trust’s 2015 Christmas party.  Julie Cocco and Beverly Sherry both gave presentations. Beverley has shared the notes from her talk.

The People of Waiwera

The Wallemategal people had the longest association with the land on which Waiwera was built.  During the 19th century there were three notable people associated with the house and land:

  • John Tawell, who was the first European owner of the land
  • Charles Jeanneret, who built the house
  • Dr Frederic Norton Manning, who was the first resident.

Read more about the People of Waiwera.

John Tawell at his trial, 1845

John Tawell at his trial, Source: London Sunday Times, 1845

Charles Jeanneret

Charles Jeanneret, Source:  Australian Men of Mark, 1885

Dr Frederick Norton Manning

Dr Frederick Norton Manning

St Claire, 1879.  Photo Douglass Baglin, 1989

St Claire, 1879 is conjoined with Waiwera. Photo Douglass Baglin, 1989