New Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park

Council has updated the Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park.

Check Alister Sharp’s detailed review of the How this Draft Plan compares with 2014 Draft Plan.  Important changes include:

  • cars would be admitted to Princes ‘during home game days, designated organised sporting group training times and sporting/community events only, with opening and closing of the gate to be managed by council’. The existing rough carpark between Ovals 2 and 3 would be upgraded, and used for ‘maintenance/emergency/disabled parking and drop-off zone’. The upper part of the southern side of Princes St would become ‘permeable perpendicular WUSD parking bays’. [See clause 4.5.2 part 2.1 and 4.5.3 part 3.2]
  • the possibility that a ‘Community Facility may be incorporated into the proposed amenity block adjacent to oval #3 if integration within/adjacent to the existing pavilion (grandstand) is not feasible’ [see clause 4.5.2 part 2.1].

There still appears to be no provision for off-leash exercise of dogs.

Download details from Council’s website here.

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