Front fences and gardens

This is the first of a series of case studies that illustrate the issues affecting building and renovating houses in Hunters Hill.  In future, we will also address topics such as new houses, alterations and first floor additions.  Click here to download the Fences and Gardens Booklet.   Here are some local examples:

Above:  A charming cottage garden with timber fence

Above: A fine example of a stone and timber fence that it is hard to replicate successfully.

Above: This new house is four storeys high on the left hand side (even though the
DCP is supposed to restrict new work to a maximum of two storeys). A very tiny
front garden allows for only token planting.

Above: A painted block wall from the 1960s is in stark contrast to the heritage
listed Jeanneret house next door.

Above: A fine old stone wall; note the random nature of the coursing of the stone and the
lack of uniformity of the stones themselves.

Above:  This new stone wall is different to the older stone walls in the area.  While the new house employs forms and materials that are reasonably sympathetic, it seems too big for its block and the garden areas seem too small.  This may improve as the planting matures.


Above:  Fine old stone fences, informal gardens and street trees set the
character of this part of Woolwich Road.