The new plans for Gladesville Shopping Village will have EVEN GREATER ADVERSE IMPACT on the community than the scheme that was withdrawn last year after the community rejected it.  The latest scheme totally ignores the planning controls set down in the Hunters Hill Local Environment Plan 2012. Tower B would be 55 meters above the podium level – 39 meters higher than what is allowed.  The scheme:

  • increases overall heights and bulk
  • includes even more units
  • causes greater overshadowing and loss of privacy
  • creates even more traffic pressure
  • puts greater pressure on local schools and services
  • involves the demolition of a heritage listed house.

GSV heightsIt is hard to imagine a building 101 meters in height.  Based on the drawings on display recently, and allowing approximately 3 meters per floor, we have estimated the number of stories:

  • Podium     46m
  • Tower A    75m (7 stories above podium)
  • Tower A1  98m (15 stories above podium)
  • Tower B    101m (16 stories above podium)
  • Tower C    89m (10 stories above podium).

We urge Council to reject this scheme out of hand and also to reject any proposals from the developer to change the planning controls.

Read Hunters Hill Trust’s submission to Council in full.