As expected,  the Government used its majority in the Lower House to push through the Planning Bills.

So what’s next?

The Bills will be debated in the Upper House in mid-November.  To get its Bills through the Government needs to get the votes of the Greens and/or the Labor Party and/or both the Shooters and Fishers and the Christian Democrats.

The Greens and the Shooters and Fishers have both indicated that they are unlikely to support the Bills.  So it is vital that Labor stands firm as well.  

Call the office of the Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, the Hon. Luke Foley, MLC 

Phone 9230 2927  Email:

Further information:

For details about how MPs voted:

MPs who voted for the Planning Bills:

Mr Anderson, Mr Aplin, Mr Ayres, Mr Baird, Mr Barilaro, Mr Bassett, Mr Baumann, Mr Bromhead, Mr Brookes, Mr Casuscelli, Mr Conolly, Mr Constance, Mr Cornwell, Mr Coure, Mrs Davies, Mr Dominello, Mr Doyle, Mr Edwards, Mr Evans, Mr Flowers, Mr Fraser, Mr Gee, Mr George, Ms Gibbons, Ms Goward, Mr Grant, Mr Gulaptis, Mr Hartcher, Mr Hazzard, Ms Hodgkinson, Mr Holstein, Mr Humphries, Mr Issa, Dr Lee, Mr Marshall, Mr Notley-Smith, Mr O’Dea, Mr Owen, Mr Page, Ms Parker, Mr Patterson, Mr Perrottet, Mr Piccoli, Mr Piper, Mr Provest, Mr Roberts, Mr Rohan, Mr Rowell, Mrs Sage, Mr Sidoti, Mrs Skinner, Mr Smith, Mr Souris, Mr Speakman, Mr Spence, Mr Stokes, Mr Stoner, Mr Toole, Ms Upton, Mr Webber, Mr R.C. Williams and Mrs Williams.

MPs who voted against the Planning Bills:

Mr Barr, Ms Burney, Ms Burton, Mr Collier, Mr Daley, Mr Furolo, Mr Greenwich, Ms Hay, Mr Hoenig, Ms Hornery, Mr Lynch, Dr McDonald, Ms Mihailuk, Mr Park, Mr Parker, Mrs Perry, Mr Rees, Mr Robertson, Ms Tebbutt, Ms Watson and Mr Zangari.