Hunters Hill Trust opposes current plans for Gladesville shopping village

The major problems with what is proposed:

  1. G R O S S  over-development of the site
  2. Does not comply with minimum setbacks in SEPP 65
  3. The DCP which sets the planning controls, is flawed and misleading
  4. Adverse impact on the character and amenity of the surrounding residential and commercial areas
  5. Exacerbates existing parking and traffic problems
  6. Creates a poorly designed gated community physically separated from the rest of the area and fails to provide a safe and healthy environment for its occupants
  7. Involves the demolition of a building of considerable heritage significance, which was on land previously owned by Council
  8. The proposed redevelopment is a cheap and very ordinary proposition that is driven by commercial profit and pragmatism
  9. Council, as a stakeholder in the proposal, has failed to properly represent the community by taking a leadership role in its development.

Tony Coote, Architect and HHT Vice President  has closely analysed the impact of what is proposed.  Read the Full report on Gladesville shopping village and explanation of its non-compliance with minimum setbacks  How the proposal fails to comply with SEPP 65.  


cottage on left becomes 5 storey concrete wall
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