Corruption in NSW has a long history and, as evidenced by the current ICAC investigation into the City of Ryde Council, is ongoing and cuts across party lines.  corruption

What if we want to see a cleaner and more transparent politics in NSW?   The answer from the O’ Farrell Government is clearly “No” when one considers the proposed changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act that are set out in their White Paper, “A New Planning System for NSW”.

The White Paper represents a calculated move away from cleanliness and transparency.   Its proposed

  • changes to zoning categories
  • reduced protection of heritage
  • the elimination of neighbour notification and
  • the increased use of non-elected planning panels

will greatly increase the opportunity for the system to be corruptly manipulated by bureaucrats, politicians and developers.   The politics of land development will become even dirtier and more opaque than it is now.