Right  now, the NSW government is proposing to introduce new planning laws that will stop ordinary people going to court to uphold the law and challenge approvals for large  scale development.  These new laws would place mining and gas companies above the law by preventing essential court oversight of planning decisions.

Phone Premier O’Farrell today on (02) 9228 5239.  It is SO easy to leave a message with one of his office staff. Some simple points you could make include:

  • I’m  very concerned about the government’s planning reforms as set out in the planning White Paper and draft Planning Bill.
  • I  oppose aspects of the draft Bill that would limit citizens’ rights to take legal action to review the merits and legality of development approvals.
  • I  am concerned about the legislation’s emphasis on economic growth above all
  • I  call on government to make ecologically sustainable development the overarching aim of the new planning system.
  • We need a planning system that
    • protects our environment and our heritage
    • holds decision makers accountable
    • restores community rights to appeal poor planning decisions.

We each need to speak up for reforms that put the people, heritage and the environment of NSW above the narrow interests of developers and industry.  You can also email the Premier:  Office@premier.nsw.gov.au