Road Delay Solutions Pty Ltd’s traffic impact assessment report concluded that the following changes would be needed to support the proposed development of the Gladesville Shopping Village site:

  • Partial closure of Flagstaff St, to the immediate south of Massey St
  • Closure of Cowell St at Flagstaff St
  • Single lane circulating roundabout at Cowell St and Flagstaff St intersection
  • Two way vehicle movement in Cowell St between the Cowell St closure at Flagstaff St to Venus St
  • Increase the current 42m long right turn bay in Victoria Rd northbound at Cowell St to 55m
  • All vehicular access to the site from Flagstaff St
  • Retain one way movement, northbound, in Flagstaff St, south, at Cowell St
  • All permissible vehicle movements from Flagstaff St approach through the roundabout on Cowell St
  • Timed right turn ban from Junction St into Flagstaff St during weekday commuter peak periods
  • Marked pedestrian foot crossings in both Cowell St and Flagstaff St
  • Set down bay in Cowell St, with 5 minute parking restriction, and Shared Zone within the Right of Way to the west of the site.

The full GSV Traffic Impact Assessment Report is available here.