The Hunters Hill Trust wants the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) to include heritage and conservation as core values and a central aspect of making great places for people to live. The HHT’s submission to the GSC points to the crisis in heritage and conservation in Sydney.

Hunters Hill is part of the GSC’s Northern District.  The Draft District Plan will be released on November 21st at the same time as the Northern District Planning Panel starts its operations.  This panel has the power to:

  • determine regionally significant development applications (generally developments over $20 million)
  • consider pre-gateway (rezoning) reviews, allow requests for reviews of council decisions or lack of decisions within 90 days.

Who will get a voice at this table?

ask-questionsThe Greater Sydney Commission Act sets out the rules.  Each council nominates their members of the Planning Panel.  At least one of these nominees must be a person who has expertise in at least one area of planning, architecture, heritage, the environment, urban design, land economics, traffic and transport, law, engineering or tourism.  Where a matter is considered, the council nominated representatives for the particular council where that matter is located will sit on the panel.

We need to watch this space, ask questions, make comments, insist on high standards.