over-developmentThe Total Environment Centre is coordinating input to the Greater Sydney Commission from community groups, including Hunters Hill Trust.   6 areas of common interest and major concern about the rampant development in Sydney have been defined:

  1. Loss of local character
  2. Heritage protection
  3. Loss of biodiversity
  4. Urban tree cover
  5. Waterway health
  6. Loss of open space.

environment-protection-8691205Experts, community groups and advocates are spelling out what action is needed now for each of these issues.  Draft strategies to protect heritage include:

  • Across Greater Sydney, heritage listed items and Heritage Conservation Areas should be protected from demolition and inappropriate development
  • District Plans should actively seek to identify, recognize and protect heritage items and Heritage Conservation Areas from demolition and/or inappropriate development
  • Development objectives should strive to protect and enhance the individual heritage values of localities within the overall area
  • Development objectives should aim to create and maintain locally distinctive urban characters in new development zones.

The issues and suggested strategies for all 6 concerns are set out in the Summary of the Environment Panel’s Draft Report to GSC.