Ausgrid contractors mutilate 100 yr old box tree


Wybalena Rd, Hunters Hill

Ausgrid is responsible for vandalising Hunters Hill’s street trees. In street after street,  beautiful 100 year old box trees are being irreparably disfigured.

The contractors are not arborists. They have no training. Canopies are disappearing and no regard has been paid to their significance.

Hunters Hill Council’s Tree Officer has been told that “the Electricity Act overrides any Council tree rules“.  Consequently she joined Ausgrid’s Vegetation Management Working Group, which includes professional tree pruners, who are trying to influence Ausgrid – so far with little success.

While poles and wires have to be protected from storm damage, it is absurd to act in this crude, destructive fashion.

The NSW Government is ultimately responsible for Ausgrid’s work.  It seems Mike Baird and his team have no regard for the significance of large, mature trees for people’s health and welfare as well as for landscape and heritage conservation.