the future of Boronia Park

Do you want to know more about the Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park or get to know the park a bit better?

Guided Walk  10 am Sunday 15th February

Meet members of the Hunters Hill Trust in front of the Boronia Park grandstand, corner of Park Road and Ryde Road for a guided walk.  Walk will finish before midday.

Please RSVP:

  1. The park’s sensitive bushland and core habitat areas must be protected
  2. Any new buildings or car parks must only be located along the road perimeter NOT inside the park
  3. The Grandstand should be upgraded with improved access and community use
  4. The plan should ensure equitable multi-use activities
  5. There should be no exclusive arrangements through special leases or licenses
  6. The lighting should be adjusted to only illuminate the playing fields and not the surrounding streets and houses.

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Send your comments on the new Plan of Management to the General Manager, Hunter’s Hill Council P.O. Box 21, Hunters Hill NSW 2110 or before 4pm Friday 27th February.

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  1. Posted February 15, 2015 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    The draft management plan for Boronia Park follows a planner’s tradition, making sure that Sydney’s urban bushland suffers death by a thousand cuts. A toilet block requiring access, an exercise route through the core of the bushland , a little more lighting, kayaking and picnic areas requiring access. It goes on.
    Recreation infrastructure such as kayaking or toilet blocks are not listed as vulnerable yet they have the same status as the natural areas. The bushland area and the whole park is unique and precious with some parts legally considered vulnerable . When activities around the third oval cause the microbats to disappear that’s it- we can’t build another colony , like you can rebuild a toilet block. This should be the first and primary consideration for planners. The surveys from the community that informed the plan clearly stated that the community recognise the bushland’s value. Why did the planners not fully acknowledge this in the draft ? it could be a plan with vision that can work for the other species that call the park home as well as provide a little bit of urban wilderness for future generations. Boronia Park deserves better.

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