There are plans to change the management and legislative framework for Crown Lands in NSW (excluding national parks and state forests).

EDO NSW (Environment Defenders Office) says the White Paper proposes significant shifts in management and potential commercialisation or sale of Crown Lands, but provides limited analysis or detail about the implications of this in a number of important areas.

EDO’s concerns include:

  • the rationale for removing long-standing environmental principles from the legislative objects and land assessment criteria
  • resourcing implications for local council management of additional Crown lands
  • the potential for lands in public use to be converted to operational land and sold
  • the rationale for increased conversion to freehold title (against the advice of the Western Lands Advisory Council)
  • the role of Local Land Services and others in managing Travelling Stock Routes
  • how proposed reductions in notification, consultation and reporting requirements accords with State Plan goals of increased public transparency and engagement
  • the consequences of these changes for other stakeholders and the environment.

EDO NSW’s full Submission on the NSW Crown Lands Management Review

Submissions can be made to the Crown Lands Management Review until June 30th