We’re delighted that the Sydney North Planning Panel has now determined that the Development Application for the Woolwich Marina be refused. Their judgement dated 29 February 2024 is here SNPP decision Woolwich Marina Expansion.
Our post of 25 August 2023 below gives details of the proposed DA20230094 2C Margaret Street Woolwich, which was to expand the berthing facilities from 45 to 79 berths to cater for vessels up to 35m in length.
Council had prepared a comprehensive Assessment and recommended refusal of the Application, and the Trust together with a group of outstanding community and sailing clubs representatives, spoke strongly against it.   The proponent may still proceed with an appeal or take it to the Land & Environment Court so there may be some way to go yet, but it’s very encouraging that the Sydney North Planning Panel recognised the major heritage, environmental and safety concerns that contributed to their decision.