A few photos of this little oasis in winter taken over just a couple of days – before works commence on the “upgrade”.
As always there are plenty of local residents using the park including a little boy practising his violin!  The addition of a play space, extra seating and low scale fencing along Ryde Road is welcome but the concern is that oversized infrastructure will be out of scale with the small area available.
The positioning of the toilet block away from services and alongside Ryde Road also appears inexplicable – or is because it then won’t interfere with Council’s as yet unacknowledged, Stage 2 plan to demolish the cottages at 40-48 Gladesville Road?

As Council’s DA to remove trees was rejected by the Local Planning Panel (see our 30th March post below) there must be minimal disruption to the vegetation.

And with the huge amount of public money at Council’s disposal, the community expects this project to be delivered to the highest standards of excellence and sustainability.