The review of our Local Environment Plan (LEP) and associated Development Control Plan (DCP) is happening now and there’s a lot at stake in terms of what can happen to the character and density of our suburbs and the future height of built structures.


A public meeting will be held in the Town Hall at 7pm on Wednesday 15 March so come along to show strong community engagement with this review.   Register to attend at

The Trust has already stressed to Council the need for the community to be given the opportunity for meaningful input into the outcome of the review – rather than the public meeting being used as a ‘housekeeping’ exercise – and genuine consideration must be given to community feedback.


It has been revealed that some changes to the LEP have already been prepared by Hunters Hill Council planners and that the Planning Minister Anthony Roberts has signed off on the State Environmental Planning Policy Amendment (Land Use Zones) 2022 that becomes Legislation on 26 April 2023.  Changes involve alterations to categories of zoning but we do not yet know if the zones themselves have changed, which could have far reaching implications…..


The President of Local Government NSW has expressed grave concerns about rezonings occurring behind the closed doors of the Planning Dept stating:
”Sidelining councils and the community from this critical role will only benefit the commercial interests of developers and further degrades the community from having any say about what developments occur in their areas.”

We are concerned at the continuing push by developers for increased heights and densities in our suburbs, particularly in light of some major developments being proposed. So come along and ask questions. Register to attend at