At its meeting on Monday 15th August, Council resolved unanimously to withdraw the current Figtree Park proposal to remove 37 trees, pending a re-assessment. The General Manager informed the meeting that late last week he had briefed the Council with advice that the number of trees to be culled could be reduced, and that the scale of the proposed amenities block and play space could also be reduced.
Presentations were made at the Council meeting by residents, a local action group and the Rotary Club in support of a motion put up by Councillors Williams and Sanderson to defer the DA.  A revised proposal is to be presented to an Extraordinary Council Meeting in the next few weeks.
We are pleased that Council has now responded to community concerns and look forward to future inclusive consultations.
Below is the report from The Weekly Times of 17 August 2022:

                                                                                                              Photo courtesy of A Current Affair