The question of council amalgamation is to be considered once again by the State Government.   Councils across NSW have been asked to make submissions in relation to their “fit(ness) for the future” by the end of this month.

fingerResidents are encouraged to fill out the Hunters Hill Council survey here.


The President of the Hunters Hill Trust notes in the latest edition of the HHT Journal that despite a litany of failures by Hunters Hill Council to properly look after the municipality and its heritage:

There is little evidence that a larger council would necessarily make much difference to the quality of service.

There is no indication that the State Government would cede any additional powers to a larger council.

There is a benefit from being so well represented by our Councillors, which would be lost with amalgamation into a larger local government area.

With a much larger Council, The Trust’s profile and influence  would be significantly diminished.

A larger local government area would no doubt lead to a rates increase.