The Priory, built 1847-74

The Priory, Tarban Creek, built 1847-74

The Priory is a State Heritage Listed building that is managed by Hunters Hill Council.

Council intends to lease the Priory to Tranter Vass Pty Ltd for 21 years.  The Manning Road site would be ‘adapted’ for use as a wedding venue and corporate function centre.

Hunters Hill Trust is strongly opposed to the large scale of the new work that has been proposed, and will work to ensure the building and its grounds are not damaged.

A few points to bear in mind:

  • Council hasn’t yet received a Draft Development Application from Tranter Vass, so we do not know exactly what is being proposed
  • The granting of the lease is dependent on the Lessee obtaining development consent and the Minister’s approval the proposal (because it is a State registered heritage item)
  • Local residents are concerned about the proposed hours of operation. Mr Vass says his business plan is only viable if the venue operates:

Sunday to Thursday until 10.00pm – staff gone by 11.00pm

Friday and Saturday until 11.00pm – staff gone by 12.00 midnight

  • Should the current Expression of Interest (EOI) phase lapse with Tranter Vass Pty Ltd without a leasable result, Council and NSW Crown Lands will review the potential uses for The Priory and commence a new/revitalised EOI process.

We oppose any application that spoils the character of the original building.

priory side priory mix priory door

For further information or to lodge a submission, email Annie Goodman at Hunters Hill Council:  Community consultation period has been extended to May 22nd.