BridgeThe Roads and Maritime Services plans to bulldoze Windsor bridge and send massive trucks into Australia’s oldest public square.  This precinct of State Significant Heritage dates back to 1795 and has numerous items of built, cultural and natural significance.

A permanent conservation order was declared over the entire Thompson Square Heritage Precinct in 1982.  BUT ‘State Significant Infrastructure’ legislation introduced by the current State Government lets the government ignore the advice of countless heritage, planning, traffic, architectural and engineering experts and protests from every heritage and historical organisation in the country.

The National Trust, the Federation of Australian Historical Societies and the Heritage Council have all opposed the plan for the ‘irrevocable damage’ it will do to Windsor and Thomspon Square yet the government is determined to push ahead regardless.

The locals have had a permanent presence in the Square – for 24 hours a day, seven days a week since 21 July 2013, rain or shine, at least two people, often more, have watched over the Square in opposition to the Government’s destructive plans. Thousands of letters have been sent to the Premier.

Governor Lachlan Macquarie took action to save the square when it was under threat in 1810.  Here we are now … !

A public rally is being held on Sunday 8th March from 1pm with live music and speeches at 2pm.