With a small number of exceptions, most of the houses along the steeply sloping Lane Cove River side of Bonnefin Road have been built up at street level.  As a consequence, up until now, there has been an almost unbroken green corridor extending from the Figtree Bridge to Boronia Park.

This corridor softens the visual impact of the man-made environment and adds to the character of this part of the Lane Cove River.  It is mirrored by the natural landscape on the Lane Cove side of the river at Cunningham’s Reach.  The corridor is more than just a visual thing, it also provides a habitat for a multitude of birds, lizards, dragons and other wildlife.

It is of state wide importance and comes under the control of SEPP – Sydney Harbour Foreshores and Tributaries.

Recent building works along Bonnefin Road, the unlawful poisoning of trees and tree clearing have shown how fragile the green corridor is and how, it would appear, Council and the State Government have been unable to ensure its protection.

Click here to see two photos of a building site at 19 Bonnefin Road which illustrate this point.  From the photos you can see how virtually the whole site has been cleared of vegetation and trees with massive earthworks undertaken and how the corridor has been effectively cut.

As more of the small, older bungalows along Bonnefin Road are demolished for large mansions this vital corridor will continue to be threatened.  This is a major concern of The Trust and a matter we would like to discuss with Council with a view to ensuring that future development is carried out in a way that respects and preserves the natural environment.