St Peter Chanel Church – Development Update

A Win for Heritage in the Land and Environment Court!

Following the formal onsite meeting of the Land and Environment Court (LEC) on 28 May, the Hunters Hill Trust is pleased to report that the LEC has refused the DA but encourages members to maintain a watching brief in case the decision is appealed. Council’s solicitors wrote to residents setting out the reasons for the judgement as follows:

The Commissioner’s ‘reasons for refusal chiefly related to the proposal’s detrimental impact on the heritage significance of the site, including impacting on views to and from the Church, the impact on the setting and curtilage of the Church as well as the uncertainty regarding contamination of the site.’

The Trust supported Hunters Hill Council in believing the sub-division would have been entirely unsuitable for the site. Apart from detracting from the character of the Church’s setting within the heritage of Crescent Street and compromising a significant landmark visible from the water, the location would have been difficult to build on and would have resulted in the destruction of the sandstone rock shelf and mature trees.

We congratulate all residents and objectors who presented such a strong case and stood up in defence of heritage.

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