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The Hunters Hill Trust

The Hunters Hill Trust

Preserving Our Heritage since 1968

Nowhere else in the world…

Powerhouse Museum (Image SMH)

No government anywhere in the world has ever moved a major state museum out of the city centre to a less accessible location.

Despite sustained community objections, AND universal support for a new museum in Parramatta, the NSW government has reportedly signed off on the ‘move’ of the Powerhouse Museum from its Ultimo location.

Why has the government has refused to release the business case?  In 2016-17 visitors to sporting events stayed for 2.6m visitor nights and contributed more than $909 million to the visitor economy. Cultural and heritage visitors stayed for 78.6 million nights and spent $12 billion.

NSW has had 25 years of over-investment in under-used stadiums which do little for jobs in the visitor economy. The last time Sydney opened a major new museum was in 1988 when the Powerhouse opened. 30 years later, it is ready to demolish this museum.  Why?   Ask the Premier here.   Get more info from the Powerhouse Museum Alliance.

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Powerhouse heritage dismantled

We are outraged at NSW government’s plan to dismantle the Powerhouse Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) in Ultimo Sydney. The Museum and its collections are not ‘owned’ by the government to treat as currency, they are our heritage, collectively owned by the people of NSW and held in Trust – a gift from previous generations to future generations.

The Federal Government recently sold our magnificent GPO, the prize of Martin Place, for $150 million. The NSW Government now plans to spend $140 million on a car-park in Parramatta to house the relocated Powerhouse.  Is that a good deal for the people of NSW?

What else is for sale?

You can read the Trust’s letter to the NSW Premier here.

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