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Joubert St childcare centre approved

              Too big!

Hunters Hill Ventures Ltd has won its appeal in the Land and Environment Court and will be allowed to demolish the existing buildings at 22 & 22A Joubert Street and remove 20 trees so they can build a childcare centre with a capacity for 88 children and 14 staff.

The Trust and local community members had argued against the development because of its great bulk and scale, traffic and noise impacts, loss of trees and because it will be out of character with its neighbours.  The conciliation process led to some very modest concessions.  The approval is for 88 children instead of 98 and closing time will be 6:00pm instead of 6:30pm.

Read the court details at Land and Environment Court and details of the approval here.


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Residents meeting re HUGE child care centre

too big Hunters Hill Ventures Pty Ltd has lodged an appeal in the Land and Environment Court after Hunters Hill Council refused their Development Application to build a huge child care centre in Joubert Street.  The planned centre would cater for 98 children and is likely to cause:

  • 400 additional car movements per day
  • Increased parking congestion
  • Safety concerns and noise.

A meeting of concerned residents will be held: 7:00pm Monday 26th September at Gladesville Community Centre, 44 Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill

You can read the Hunters Hill Trust’s submission to Council here.


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BIG childcare centre proposed for Joubert Street

too bigThe Trust is concerned that a childcare centre proposed at 22 and 22A Joubert Street, Hunters Hill would be far too big for the neighbourhood.

The centre plans to cater for 98 children, making it much larger than other local centres.  The building would be way out of scale with the existing houses in the vicinity. Its bulk and proportions would be inconsistent with the domestic character of the neighbourhood.  It would adversely impact on neighbouring heritage buildings and create traffic and parking problems.

You can read the Hunters Hill Trust’s submission to Council here.

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