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Hunters Hill Hotel – extended hours ‘not in the public interest’

Community action and good sense have prevailed.

The Land and Environment Court has refused Iris Hotel Group’s Development Application which sought to extend alcohol trading hours at the Hunters Hill Hotel, saying it ‘would not respect, enhance or protect the amenity of residential areas in the vicinity’ and that ‘the site is not suitable for extended hours under any circumstances and is not in the public interest’.  You can read the judgement and further details here:

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boom gate at Hunters Hill Hotel

What happened to free public parking at Hunters Hill Hotel?

Free public parking was a condition of the approval for the construction of the hotel, but in December, HHH installed a boom gate.  Free parking was only for hotel customers and everyone else had to pay.

The community complained, Council referred the matter to its lawyers.  Now the first 2 hours of parking is free again.

Extended trading hours.  Despite strong community opposition, the HHH is pushing ahead with its plan to extend its alcohol trading hours to 2:00am.  There will be an onsite hearing of the Land and Environment Court at 9:30 am on April 20th followed by a hearing at the court.  More information re trading hours:  Rachael Knapman, HWI Ebsworth Lawyers or 9334 8507.

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court to decide late trading at Hunters Hill Hotel

alcohol shoe

not pretty at 2:00am


    not witty either

Iris Hotel Group Management is pressing ahead with its application to extend alcohol trading hours till 2:00am at the Hunters Hill Hotel.

The community is strongly opposed and anticipates increased social harm.

No agreement was reached at the conciliation conference on December 15th so the matter will now proceed to a hearing at the Land and Environment Court.  There will be an onsite hearing at 9:30 am on April 20th followed by a hearing at the court.

More information:  Rachael Knapman, HWI Ebsworth Lawyers or 9334 8507

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Alcohol related harm in Hunters Hill

alcohol shoeIris Hotel Group Management isn’t taking ‘NO’ for an answer and has taken their application to extend the alcohol trading hours at Hunters Hill Hotel to the Land and Environment Court.

Extending trading hours is likely to increase the alcohol related harm in the area.  They want approval to sell alcohol:

  • Monday-Saturday 8:00am-2:00am the following day
  • Sunday 10:00am-midnight
  • Good Friday and Christmas Day noon-10:00pm
  • New Years Eve 5:00am-2:00am the following day.

A conciliation conference will be held on site at 9:30am on December 15th 2016.  Concerned residents are encouraged to attend and/or address the Commissioner.  Further information is available from Rachel Knapman at HWL Ebsworth Lawyers (02) 9334 8507.

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