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Gladesville Shopping Village: who gets to define ‘design excellence’ for this monster?

NSW Planning and Environment has set out the conditions that the developers must meet before Hunters Hill’s Local Environment Plan can be changed to allow their massive three tower development at Gladesville Shopping Village (GSV).  It includes: relocation of public open space revised traffic impact assessments overshadowing of Trim Place and 3-7 Cowell Street relocation […]
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Gladesville high rise towers

As expected, the Joint Regional Planning Panel, which included Sue Hoopmann and Greg Patch appointed by Hunters Hill Council, unanimously voted to approve the plan to amend the Hunters Hill Local Environment Plan so that the GSV towers can be bigger and pack more units onto the site. increase the building height up to 58m […]
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Gladesville Shopping Village: monster has ‘merit’?

The Pre-Gateway review says that the plan to massively increase the bulk and height of the 5 towers at Gladesville Shopping Village has ‘merit‘.  The proposal is now set to go to the Joint Regional Planning Panel on November 3rd.  A decision is expected by the end of November.  If their proposal is accepted, the plans […]
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Gladesville Shopping Village: green light for sky high development

NSW Dept of Planning & Environment’s Pre-Gateway Review says the massive development application for Gladesville Shopping Village has ‘strategic merit’ and can proceed to the Gateway stage of approval at the Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel even though it massively exceeds the controls set down in Hunters Hill’s Local Environment Plan: 250 apartments in […]
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Council and the Trust: an ongoing saga

Councillor Meredith Sheil has made a long comment online regarding The Trust’s open letter to Council following the finalisation of the sale of publicly owned property to the developer of the site.  Click here for the full text of the Open Letter. Councillor Sheil should not be surprised by The Trust’s attitude towards Council’s role in the […]
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Heritage amendments to Local Environment Plan

The Trust supports the proposed changes to Hunters Hill Council’s 2012 Local Environment Plan.  You can read Tony Coote’s recent submission to Council HERE.
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