Preserving Our Heritage since 1968

The Hunters Hill Trust

The Hunters Hill Trust

Preserving Our Heritage since 1968

Congratulations to council

Cowell Street cottage

Cowell Street cottage

Last night Hunters Hill Council voted 6:1 to place a Schedule 5 heritage listing on No 10 Cowell Street Gladesville.

This does not guarantee the retention of this important heritage item which is part of the Gladesville Shopping Village site, but its listing sends a message to the community that Council is serious about ensuring that heritage, particularly Council’s own heritage, is properly acknowledged and recognised as one of the most important reasons for Hunters Hill’s unique character.

Congratulations to those who worked so hard to make it happen.

Read more in the Northern District Times \.


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Council considers DROPPING heritage listing for 10 Cowell Street

Cowell Street cottage

10 Cowell Street, Gladesville.  1916 Edwardian cottage with Art Nouveau ceilings

On Monday night Hunters Hill Council will vote on whether to stop the heritage listing for 10 Cowell Street Gladesville. 

A heritage listing for this cottage would have big implications for the massive 25 storey, 3 tower development proposed for the Gladesville Shopping Village site.

plan for Gladesville Shopping Village 2015

plan for Gladesville Shopping Village 2015

Further details can be found in this Report by Council’s Strategic Planner.



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Heritage listing planned for 10 Cowell Street

Cowell Street cottage

Cowell Street cottage

Hunters Hill Council plans to amend the LEP so that 10 Cowell Street can be listed as a local heritage item.  The plan is on exhibition until April 8th.  See Heritage listing proposal.

Gladesville Shopping Village 2015 sketch

Gladesville Shopping Village 2015 sketch

This is good news.

10 Cowell Street would be demolished if the proposed 25 storey Gladesville Shopping Village development goes ahead in its current form.

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Gladesville massive high rise featured on Channel 9

plan for Gladesville Shopping Village 2015

GSV plan 2015

The Channel Nine evening news on March 16th highlighted the Gladesville Shopping Village as an example of one of many over-developments that are threatening to change Sydney forever.  View the segment here:    Nine news


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managing the risks attached to GSV development

treeA little breathing space

Council agreed that a new development at Gladesville Shopping Village will need to be set back 4 meters from Flagstaff Street and provide deep soil for planting trees.   51 submissions had been received from community members.

No interim heritage protection order for 10 Cowell Street

Cowell Street cottage

Cowell Street cottage

Despite a valiant effort from Councillor Justine McLaughlan and many submissions from the community, the motion that Council place an interim heritage protection order on 10 Cowell Street was lost last night at Hunters Hill Council.

Tony Coote, HHT President addressed Council and posed key questions about the GSV development.


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How to protect Gladesville community?


Cowell Street cottage

Cowell Street cottage

The staggering 25 storey, 3 tower development planned by Moch Pty Ltd  at Gladesville Shopping ‘Village’ involves the demolition of 10 Cowell Street, which is owned by the people of Hunters Hill Municipality.

There is currently an application for heritage listing for 10 Cowell Street but it is also the subject of a contract of sale on a ‘put and call’ basis with Moch Pty Ltd.

The developers plan to put in their Development Application for the huge new buildings before the heritage listing is completed.

Councillor Gary Bird and Councillor Justine McLaughlin will propose an interim heritage order for 10 Cowell Street at the Council meeting on Monday night.  Tony Coote, President of Hunters Hill Trust will address the meeting.

plan for Gladesville Shopping Village 2015

plan for Gladesville Shopping Village 2015

7:30 pm, Monday 9th March, Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill

There is a lot at stake.  Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting to show support for the motion.

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From bad to worse in Gladesville Shopping Village

The latest plan for Gladesville Shopping Village virtually doubles what was rejected previously.  With 3 towers:  25 storeys, 15 storeys and 11 storeys it seems to be even more driven by greed and profit.

There will be

  • even greater adverse impact on the character and amenity of the surrounding residential and commercial areas
  • even more overshadowing
  • almost no pedestrian interaction with the surrounding sites
  • even more parking and traffic problems
  • even more pressure on existing local infrastructure.

GSV 014There is blazon disregard for Council’s  development controls.

It still involves the demolition of a building of considerable heritage significance, which is on land previously owned by Council.

Hunters Hill Council, as a landowner of 25% of the site, needs to take action to ensure this scheme does not proceed any further. If it does not it will have failed to properly represent the community by taking a leadership role in how this site is developed.

See HHT submission.



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25 storeys proposed for Gladesville Shopping ‘Village’


GSV image 2The developers of Gladesville Shopping Village have come back with a new proposal following the vehement community opposition to their original plans.

They now propose

  • 25 storeys
  • 90 meters high
  • 350 apartments
  • with a floor space ratio of 4:1 

To put this in perspective:

Blues Point Tower is 25 storeys

the Sydney Harbour Bridge is  114 meters high

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