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threats posed by ‘State Significant Infrastructure’

HHT recently met with Anthony Roberts, Minister for Planning and Carolyn McNally, Secretary of NSW Planning and Environment to discuss concerns about unsympathetic development across Sydney, the draft Medium Density Housing Code as well as concerns about Gladesville Shopping Village and Windsor Bridge.  Detailed correspondence has followed that meeting (see below). We now seek assurance […]
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Gladesville Shopping Village: community still in the dark

Moch Developments submitted a proposal to the NSW Department of Planning on April 19th to amend the Local Environment Plan, to allow a series of massive high-rise towers at Gladesville Shopping Village, the highest being 58m – that’s one and a half times the height of the Gladesville Bridge.  Detailed plans have still not been […]
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update on Gladesville mega development

Tony Coote, President of HHT urged Council to reject the Planning Proposal from the developers of the Gladesville Shopping Village site who wanted to amend the Local Environmental Plan to allow them to build up to 58m and increase the floor-space-ratio.  You can read Tony’s speech here.  All Councillors, apart from Peter Astridge, voted to reject the proposal. The state […]
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Gladesville Shopping Village at Council, 29th March

Hunters Hill Council will consider the Planning Proposal from the owner of GSV who wants the Local Environmental Plan to be amended to allow them to build up to 58m (16 storeys), and increase the floor-space-ratio (FSR, which is a measure of bulk because it is the ratio of how much area a building can […]
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Council’s sale of public assets

The Trust Executive Committee has sent the following OPEN LETTER to the Councillors of Hunters Hill…. Dear Councillors, It is with regret that The Trust has learned of the sale of properties owned by the people of Hunters Hill, including No 10 Cowell Street and the open-air carpark within the Gladesville Shopping Village (GSV) site. According to […]
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SOLD: publicly owned cottage & public carpark gone to developers

Hunters Hill Council has sold the publicly owned Cowell Street cottage (pictured) and the open carpark site at Gladesville Shopping Village to Moch Pty Ltd.  The Mayor, Richard Quinn, signed the sale documents 2 weeks ago, but we have only just heard about it. Moch Pty Ltd wants the land as part of its massive over-development of […]
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sorry business: Council’s changes to Hunters Hill LEP

The Trust contacted the Hon Mark Speakman, Minister for Heritage and Minister for Environment to tell the sorry tale about how Council’s last minute changes to the Local Environment Plan allow the publicly owned, heritage listed building at 10 Cowell Street Gladesville to be relocated from its current site. ‘We feel that Council has misled the community.  We have come to believe that, […]
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Why does the heritage listing of 10 Cowell Street exclude the land around it?

10 years after the Paul Davies report recommended heritage listing of 10 Cowell Street, the house has been listed but we are astounded to see that the land around it has been excluded. The Trust and other community members have urged Council to list 10 Cowell Street, not just as a heritage item, but with its curtilage, […]
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Latest proposal for Gladesville shops: EVEN WORSE

The new plans for Gladesville Shopping Village will have EVEN GREATER ADVERSE IMPACT on the community than the scheme that was withdrawn last year after the community rejected it.  The latest scheme totally ignores the planning controls set down in the Hunters Hill Local Environment Plan 2012. Tower B would be 55 meters above the podium level – 39 meters higher than what is […]
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New plans for Gladesville Shopping Village

The current plans for the development of the Gladesville Shopping Village will be revealed at information sessions: Overall  plans for the development 6-8pm Thursday 13th August, at the old Betta Electrical shop, opposite Coles 6-8pm Monday 17th August, at the old Betta Electrical shop, opposite Coles.  Plans to manage the extra traffic  6-7pm and 7:30-8:30pm Friday 14th August  Fairland Hall,  Church […]
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