Decontaminate Hunters Hill

Concerned Hunters Hill residents are convening a public meeting to call for an end to  Government inaction that has delayed the decontamination of the Radium Hill industrial site in Hunters Hill for over 40 years.  Residents want the NSW government to act on the unanimous recommendations of the 2008 Parliamentary Inquiry to remediate the site in Nelson Parade.

Stakeholder area nominated by EPA Management Order

The land is owned by Property NSW. The EPA declared the site ‘significantly contaminated land’ in 2007. The EPA issued a compulsory Management Order requiring Property NSW to remediate the site in November 2014.

Approval of the remediation plan has been held up by the Department of Planning. Late last year the EPA ordered Property NSW to conduct a meeting with interested stakeholders (including over 500 households in the vicinity of the site) reporting on its progress in remediating the site.

Key Ministers have been invited to speak at the public meeting.

When:  7:00pm Tuesday 20th February

Where:  Hunters Hill Town Hall, Alexandra Street

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