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The Hunters Hill Trust

The Hunters Hill Trust

Preserving Our Heritage since 1968

Election results: Hunters Hill Council 2017

MAYOR:    Mark Bennett (IND)

NORTH WARD:   Ben Collins (LIB), Elizabeth Krassoi (IND), Ross Williams (IND)

SOUTH WARD:  Justine McLaughlin, (IND) Zac Miles (LIB), Jim Sanderson (IND)

Hunters Hill Trust asked the candidates a series of questions before the election.  We applaud the new Mayor’s commitment to preserving our heritage, character and mature tree canopies. He said:

‘diligent and professional review of development proposals within the municipality needs to remain rigorous to ensure our streetscapes, environment and liveability is not compromised. The removal of trees in the name of progress simply must stop and we need to work harder to find better solutions.’

Here is the full response that Mark Bennett provided:


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Council elections 2017: what the candidates say

The Trust recently invited all the candidates to answer 7 questions:

  1. Background of each candidate
  2. Their goals and vision for Hunters Hill and how they hope to achieve them
  3. How they will respond to increasing pressures of development in Hunters Hill so as to preserve its heritage and character, including its mature tree canopy
  4. If they support an upgrade of the heritage listing in the LEP to include more buildings from the 20th century
  5. Their position on the Gladesville Shopping Village
  6. Political party membership
  7. How their preferences will be distributed.

Check the verbatim record of what they said:


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Hunters Hill Council Elections 2012

The Trust is not supporting any particular candidate for mayor or councillor.  We urge Trust members to consider the records of those sitting councillors who are standing again and to carefully examine the information that has been provided by all the candidates:  see details below.

We want representatives on Council who will work to preserve the garden character of Hunters Hill and who will support the conservation of its unique natural and built heritage.  We want councillors who will take a stand against inappropriate development and who will not be overawed by the dictates of a pro-development State government.

A    P R O – D E V E L O P M E N T  C O U N C I L ?

A number of candidates have an interest in property development and real estate. Through preference swapping between groups there is a real possibility that a pro-development lobby could end up with a majority on Council. The Trust strongly believes this would not be in the best interests of Hunters Hill.  Former councillor and long-time Trust member Phil Jenkyn has analysed the candidates and their groupings.  See Phil’s article:


The Trust has put together the following from what has been provided by the candidates on the electoral commission website.  The fact that some candidates have provided little or no information about themselves or their policies clearly is something that speaks for itself.  Listed below is a summary of what was provided, plus a little more from various other websites.

To download information about the candidates for:

    Mayor – click here

    North Ward – click  here

    South Ward –  click here

To check which […]

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