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Sorry saga continues at Boronia Park Oval

Three and a half years after trucks started dumping fill at Boronia Park No 3 Oval we are still faced with problems: Excessive size of field Excessive slope of the batter at the northern end Inclusion of ‘dirty fill’ Failure to stabilise the batters. HHT recommends that That no further Council projects be classified as […]
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Update on Boronia Park Oval 3

There has been little progress this year Native plants, provided by Council and at Council expense, were planted without first stabilising the surface. Few have survived.  Council will provide more tube stock. Hunters Hill Rugby Club has been fined twice by the Environment Protection Authority for allowing material to be washed from the site into […]
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Golfing prohibited

A helpful sign warns would-be golfers at Boronia Park Oval No 3. Sadly, there has been no sporting action of any kind since 2010 when Hunters Hill Rugby Union Football Club started converting the cricket oval into a full-sized rugby field ….
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How long since you visited Boronia Park?

  You may find it  hard to recognise Boronia Park. Since 2010, Hunters Hill Rugby Union Football Club has been converting No. 3 Oval at Boronia Park from a cricket oval into a full-sized rugby field.   The original drawing for the project showed the field to be 120m x 73m, but recent aerial photographs […]
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What is happening to public spaces in Hunters Hill?

The Trust’s concerns: Special interest groups are being given special access to these places without proper consideration for the overall public interest. Council is more concerned about being seen to save money than achieving design excellence – the new shed at Weil Park is an example of this. Things are allowed to happen without any […]
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Council’s response to DA in Boronia Park

Council has considered the Development Application (DA) from the Cricket Club to build a storage shed and associated structures between No. 1 Oval and the practice nets. Besides the shed, they proposed a concreted paved area, two shelters (one containing an electric barbecue, the other a table and benches), and a planter ‘feature’. There had […]
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Mud continues to gush from Boronia Park Football Oval

The extension of Oval 3  at Boronia Park  has a massive, uncontrolled impact on the Lane Cove River.  Why has this continued, unabated for so long???
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Boronia Park: Reconstruction of Oval no3 – Hunter’s Hill Rugby

Those of you living nearby will have been disturbed over recent months by the numbers of heavy trucks entering the Park, loaded up with material removed for the widening of the M2 and delivering many thousand tonnes of fill to substantially raise the footprint and level of Oval no3.  Funding for the reconstruction is being […]
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