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The Hunters Hill Trust

The Hunters Hill Trust

Preserving Our Heritage since 1968

Lets make plans based on facts – not emotion & exaggeration

boronia park open spaceA letter from HHT President Tony Coote to Ross Williams, The Save Hunters Hill Municipality Coalition.  SCROLL DOWN to see Ross Williams’ reply

Dear Ross,

Following last Monday’s Council meeting and your impassioned plea for more sporting facilities in Boronia Park, I was wondering whether in making that plea were you representing the views of SHHMC?

Also I was also concerned about the figures you used in your argument.   You are quoted in the Northern District Times – “Boronia Park is 80 percent natural bushland and 20 percent recreational land and only about 12 percent is the sporting ovals”. Attached for your information is a the map of Boronia Park that relates to the PoM.  I have overlaid the map with the area taken up by the ovals, their surrounds and part of the access road which is essential to their maintenance and which is sometimes used for parking during sports activities.  According to my calculations all this represents approximately 31% of the site. If you add to this the cleared areas such as Findlays Paddock you get a total of around 45% of the site, which leaves only 55% of the site remaining.   The 55% remainder is by no means “natural bushland” because it includes significant areas degraded by dumping in previous times and other partially cleared places. This makes your quoted figures of 80% “natural bushland” and 12% sporting ovals somewhat shy of the reality.

I also point out that in arguing for more amenities for the clubs you made a special plea based on the work they do for the local children.  As someone who takes kids to and from soccer matches throughout the metropolitan area I am aware […]

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just another Monday night …

monday catHow did you spend your Monday night … dinner with loved ones, a spot of telly, nice book, feet up in front of the fire?

Spare a thought for the members of your HHT Committee:

Tony Coote, Bridget Hawthorne, Alister Sharp, Brigid Dowsett and Justin Parry-Oakden all spent YET ANOTHER Monday night up at the Council meeting, persisting with the seemingly endless process of following up on issues to protect our built and natural heritage:

  • changes to the Management Plan for Boronia Park
  • heritage protection for 10 Cowell Street Gladesville (the site of the 25 storey development)
  • development of heritage stone cottages.

grass cutting progressThanks to those who keep working for our common good!

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Council considers DROPPING heritage listing for 10 Cowell Street

Cowell Street cottage 10 Cowell Street, Gladesville.  1916 Edwardian cottage with Art Nouveau ceilings

On Monday night Hunters Hill Council will vote on whether to stop the heritage listing for 10 Cowell Street Gladesville. 

A heritage listing for this cottage would have big implications for the massive 25 storey, 3 tower development proposed for the Gladesville Shopping Village site.

plan for Gladesville Shopping Village 2015 plan for Gladesville Shopping Village 2015

Further details can be found in this Report by Council’s Strategic Planner.



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Changes to the Boronia Park Plan of Management


Boronia Park, Lane Cove River Boronia Park, Lane Cove River

There has been a huge response to the 2015 Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park.  Council received:

  • 522 submissions from individuals
  • 12 submissions from clubs and organisations associated with the park (including Hunters Hill Trust)
  • 2 petitions from the same group, one with 12 signatures and the other with 91 signatures.

The issues most commonly raised:

  • 536 people emphasized the value of open space
  • 277  support upgrades of the grandstand for community and sporting clubs use
  • 271 want drainage improved to ovals #1 and #2
  • 267 want disabled parking access
  • 242 support proposals for the collection and reuse of water on the site
  • 241 want turfing, regrading and resurfacing for ovals 1 & 2
  • 233 noted the importance of informal recreation
  • 224 noted the environmental values of the park
  • 214 do not support any new building in the centre of the park
  • 212 want access for emergency vehicle to organised sporting facilities
  • 207 said Boronia Park is a highly valued place for everyone to enjoy
  • 197 support new community facility building between ovals 2 and 3
  • 99 highlighted heritage issues
  • 54 were concerned about bushland management.

You can check the full Boronia Park 2015 Consultation Report.

Amendments to the Plan of Management will be presented to Council on Monday 25th May.


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Hunters Hill Trust 2015 AGM

Trust members enjoyed Tony Coote’s presentation on the influence of Japanese Architecture on Western architectural forms as well as the influence of some Japanese ideas on his own work as an architect.  Tony’s contributions are greatly appreciated.

logoDownload a copy of the HHT President’s Report 2015.  A new committee has been elected:

President:               Tony Coote

Vice President:      Alister Sharp

Treasurer:              Justin Parry-Okeden

Secretary:              Brigid Dowsett

Membership:        Maureen Flowers

Committee:           Caroline Mackaness,  Gully Coote,  David Gaunt,  Bridget Hawthorne


Website:                Kate Russell

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What’s happening to the Priory?

The Priory, built 1847-74 The Priory, Tarban Creek, built 1847-74

The Priory is a State Heritage Listed building that is managed by Hunters Hill Council.

Council intends to lease the Priory to Tranter Vass Pty Ltd for 21 years.  The Manning Road site would be ‘adapted’ for use as a wedding venue and corporate function centre.

Hunters Hill Trust is strongly opposed to the large scale of the new work that has been proposed, and will work to ensure the building and its grounds are not damaged.

A few points to bear in mind:

  • Council hasn’t yet received a Draft Development Application from Tranter Vass, so we do not know exactly what is being proposed
  • The granting of the lease is dependent on the Lessee obtaining development consent and the Minister’s approval the proposal (because it is a State registered heritage item)
  • Local residents are concerned about the proposed hours of operation. Mr Vass says his business plan is only viable if the venue operates:

Sunday to Thursday until 10.00pm – staff gone by 11.00pm

Friday and Saturday until 11.00pm – staff gone by 12.00 midnight

  • Should the current Expression of Interest (EOI) phase lapse with Tranter Vass Pty Ltd without a leasable result, Council and NSW Crown Lands will review the potential uses for The Priory and commence a new/revitalised EOI process.

We oppose any application that spoils the character of the original building.

priory side priory mix priory door

For further information or to lodge a submission, email Annie Goodman at Hunters Hill Council:  Community consultation period has been extended to May 22nd.

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Proposed Council Mergers

Hunters Hill Council has called a meeting on Proposed Council Mergers for Wednesday 6 May 2015 at 7pm at the Henley Community Centre, Crown Street, Henley.

It is proposed that Hunters Hill would merge with part of Ryde, Lane Cove, Willoughby, North Sydney and Mosman – a mega council of over 323,500 people. All these Councils including Hunters Hill are strongly against forced amalgamations and the Hunters Hill community has many times overwhelmingly opposed amalgamation.

For information about the meeting and ‘Fit for the Future’ please visit – ‘Home Page’, ‘Latest News’, ‘At risk’ and ‘What to do’.


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Annual General Meeting 2015

logoEveryone is invited to attend the Hunters Hill Trust’s 2015 AGM.

When:  Thursday, May 14th at 7:30pm

Where:   RSL Hall, 56 Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill

Speaker:  Tony Coote, Sydney architect and HHT President

Refreshments will be provided. 

Topic:  Japan: Australian Perspectives

coote_11 Kodoji, designed by Tony Coote


Tony Coote has been invited by curator Mark Stiles to be part of an exhibition called Japan: Australian Perspectives to be held at the Willoughby Incinerator Art Space at 2 Small St Willoughby from 6 May to 24 May (open Wednesday to Sunday 10am-4pm).

Tony’s particular interest in things Japanese comes through his association with the Sydney Zen Centre and the building of its retreat centre, Kodoji, in the Macdonald valley near St Albans.  Construction of the complex started in 1984 and has been built mostly by volunteer labour.  It is an ongoing project and will feature in the exhbition.  Tony will talk a little about Kodoji and the influence of Japanese Architecture on Western architectural forms as well as the influence of some Japanese ideas on his own work.


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Call for nominations

logoWould you like to join the Hunters Hill Trust Executive Committee?

The 2015 AGM will be held on Thursday May 14th at 7:30pm.

Members are invited to nominate to join the Executive Committee.  We welcome new ideas and positive approaches.

Download a HHT Executive Nomination form here.

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