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Boronia Park Sports & Community Facility – Too big and in the wrong location

Mature eucalypts due for removal


Hunters Hill Council has now lodged a Development Application DA20211184 for a Sports & Community Facility at Boronia Park. You may have received a flyer from the Boronia Park Action Group inviting you to have your say on this development within our heritage-listed parkland. Submissions close on Friday 17 September 2021 at 4pm and we encourage you to make your views known to Council at   The Trust’s submission is here Boronia Park

Council promotes this building as a ‘community facility’, although we know the Hunters Hill Rugby Club will have almost exclusive rights and access, at a nominal cost of $100 per annum!  Despite this, ratepayers are expected to cover an annual maintenance bill in excess of $38,000.

The need for better facilities in Boronia Park, such as female change rooms, storage, etc is clear, but amenities can be easily and more sustainably provided by restoring and extending the existing heritage grandstand, as intended by the original $1M State Government grant.  In fact, this site was identified in the 2015 Boronia Park Management Plan as being the most appropriate, reinforced in 2020 by Council’s independent consultant finding overwhelming support for the grandstand location, with 97 submissions in favour and only 6 opposed.

However the Plan adopted by Council, under pressure from the sporting lobby, instead locates a new 50 metre long, 8 metre high, two-storey facility between Ovals 1 & 2.  This oversized structure will act as a wall between the two ovals, destroying views across Boronia Park to bushland and compromising the expansive sense of open space.  It will require a lift to reach the viewing platform, adding to maintenance costs and energy use, and will be lit up until 11pm at night, disrupting nocturnal wildlife and local residents.  The removal of 3 or 4 healthy mature eucalypts is indefensible and the casual acceptance of their loss reflects poorly on Council and is a further blow to the community.

It is evidence of fiscal imprudence that Council, as the development’s applicant, has not guaranteed that the funds required to construct this facility are yet in hand.  There is also a well founded concern that, should the Rugby Club fall short of its fundraising target, Council and ratepayers will be under pressure to foot the bill even further.  Please be sure to have your say at quoting DA 20211184.

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Inclusive playground in Boronia Park: CAUTION

The Weekly Times (10 April) reports that Council’s plans for an ‘all ability, inclusive’ playground are progressing, with funding of $250,000 already secured. When this project was proposed the Trust expressed concern that:

  • the playground needs to be compatible with the Plan of Management for Boronia Park
  • this type of playground needs a higher level of maintenance than standard Council playgrounds, so Council will need to plan for a maintenance budget. (Livvy’s Place playgrounds in Ryde and Five Dock show why this will be needed).

The Trust is part of Council’s Community Advisory Group that influences the Boronia Park’s Plan of Management. The Trust has been actively involved in developing the Boronia Park Plan of Management and remains committed to protecting, conserving and enhancing our heritage-listed site.

Green space is so precious, especially with the massive developments happening around us.

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Updated Draft Plan for Boronia Park

Boronia ParkThe updated Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park will be on exhibition at Council from 19 August until 16 September 2015.

You can go to Council’s website to see:

  • Updated Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park July 2015
  • Updated Concept Design
  • Report on Consultation Outcomes for the Boronia Park Draft Plan of Management
  • Councillor Briefing Minutes

Link here:  Updated Draft Boronia Park Plan of Management

Send written comments to the General Manager, Hunter’s Hill Council P.O. Box 21, Hunters Hill NSW 2110, or

Contact Council’s Bushland Management Officer, Jacqui Vollmer on 9879 9439 or email for more information.


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Changes to the Boronia Park Plan of Management


Boronia Park, Lane Cove River

Boronia Park, Lane Cove River

There has been a huge response to the 2015 Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park.  Council received:

  • 522 submissions from individuals
  • 12 submissions from clubs and organisations associated with the park (including Hunters Hill Trust)
  • 2 petitions from the same group, one with 12 signatures and the other with 91 signatures.

The issues most commonly raised:

  • 536 people emphasized the value of open space
  • 277  support upgrades of the grandstand for community and sporting clubs use
  • 271 want drainage improved to ovals #1 and #2
  • 267 want disabled parking access
  • 242 support proposals for the collection and reuse of water on the site
  • 241 want turfing, regrading and resurfacing for ovals 1 & 2
  • 233 noted the importance of informal recreation
  • 224 noted the environmental values of the park
  • 214 do not support any new building in the centre of the park
  • 212 want access for emergency vehicle to organised sporting facilities
  • 207 said Boronia Park is a highly valued place for everyone to enjoy
  • 197 support new community facility building between ovals 2 and 3
  • 99 highlighted heritage issues
  • 54 were concerned about bushland management.

You can check the full Boronia Park 2015 Consultation Report.

Amendments to the Plan of Management will be presented to Council on Monday 25th May.


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the future of Boronia Park

Do you want to know more about the Draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park or get to know the park a bit better?

Guided Walk  10 am Sunday 15th February

Meet members of the Hunters Hill Trust in front of the Boronia Park grandstand, corner of Park Road and Ryde Road for a guided walk.  Walk will finish before midday.

Please RSVP:

  1. The park’s sensitive bushland and core habitat areas must be protected
  2. Any new buildings or car parks must only be located along the road perimeter NOT inside the park
  3. The Grandstand should be upgraded with improved access and community use
  4. The plan should ensure equitable multi-use activities
  5. There should be no exclusive arrangements through special leases or licenses
  6. The lighting should be adjusted to only illuminate the playing fields and not the surrounding streets and houses.

  boronia 2 casuarina mess

Send your comments on the new Plan of Management to the General Manager, Hunter’s Hill Council P.O. Box 21, Hunters Hill NSW 2110 or before 4pm Friday 27th February.

footy  BP management zones Tipperary-Falls1

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who will take care of Boronia Park?


Tipperary Falls

Things have been going wrong at Boronia Park recently.

damage from recent construction

damage from recent construction

Hunters Hill Council is the trustee manager of this important 24 hectare piece of Crown Land, but a lot of damage was done to the park when the Plan of Management was ignored when a new rugby oval was built.

There is a new draft Plan of Management for Boronia Park  that proposes changes to the park, and lists issues and actions needed.  See details of the Concept Design by clicking on the image below and waiting for it to load:

BP concept design



Most people say that they like the park… but we all need to take action to protect if for the future.

Send your comments on the new Plan of Management to the General Manager, Hunter’s Hill Council P.O. Box 21, Hunters Hill NSW 2110 or

SOme Key issues from our point of view:

  • Protect the park’s sensitive bushland and core habitat areas
  • New buildings or carparks must only be located along the road perimeter – NOT inside the park
  • Upgrade the Grandstand with improved access and community use
  • Equitable multi-use activities
  • No exclusive arrangements through special leases/licenses
  • Adjust the lighting to light only the playing fields and reduce glare into the surrounding streets and houses.

For further information

Boronia Park Alliance.  Contact the group: or PO Box 2127, Boronia Park 2111:

Council’s Bushland Management Officer Jacqui Vollmer 9879 9439

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Plans for Boronia Park: get it right

Boronia Park is getting a Plan of Management.  Tell Council what matters to you about Boronia Park, and how you want to protect it for future generations:    Complete a quick survey here

Protect our precious park:  more information about how to make sure we get a good plan here.


nsl_boronia_park_mapBoronia Park LC river

Tipperary Falls

Tipperary Falls



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new Plan of Management (PoM) for Boronia Park

Boronia Park

Boronia Park is 24.2 hectares of precious public land that includes natural bushland, river frontage and a range of recreational facilities.

Council has just appointed Thompson Berrill Landscape Design Pty Ltd ( to review the Boronia Park PoM.

The plan is  to consult ‘community group stakeholders, sporting group stakeholders, relevant government agencies and local residents via community survey questionnaire leaflet, on site community survey and online survey. Consultation is likely to be held in July and August.

The Plan is expected to:

  • Identify the aesthetic, biodiversity, recreational, education and scientific values of the park to the community
  • Identify potential opportunities for future recreational development of the park based on community priorities
  • Identify threats to the ecological quality of the bushland and provide strategies to sustainably manage the natural resources
  • Address current issues including the mix of recreational facilities, recreation needs of residents, the natural bushland and conflict between users
  • Prepare a concept plan showing practical future developments
  • Prepare guidelines for future management and maintenance of the park
  • Enable Hunter’s Hill Council to fulfil its responsibilities under NSW legislation in particular the Local Government Act 1993.

The time frames are tight.  A draft PoM will be presented to Council in September and exhibited until October, with the final Plan adopted before Christmas.

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