You may have missed the report below in this week’s TWT about Council passing a compromise motion for a partial sell off of so-called “remnant land” alongside 10 Lloyd Avenue.   The sale of this portion of nature strip is a controversial decision that will set a dangerous precedent and Councillors Sanderson and Wiilliams have stated they will be submitting a recession motion against it.
Council’s own Bushland Management Committee keenly supports the retention of these public lands and their value to increasing biodiversity in our neighbourhoods.  There is an opportunity for planting canopy trees and smaller native species to create wildlife corridors and such actions must be recognised as being beneficial for the whole community. No-one can be unaware of the importance of creating and maintaining a ‘green shield’ against our increasingly harsh climate.
It is critical that these public lands remain in community ownership and are not seen as easy income for a cash-strapped Council.
The decision by Council to surrender public green space appears to be at odds with Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Krassoi who, in her ‘To the Point’ article in the same newspaper, has come out in defence of the importance of preserving our green spaces!

We wholeheartedly agree with her statement that: “With world bee and bird populations in free fall, there has never been a more important time to plan and plant for a greener future in our public places……”

And are delighted to note that Council is: “strategically planning for care of our existing valuable trees and for much more planting on public and private land”.

We look forward to seeing how this worthy ambition translates into the review of the DA to remove 37 trees at Figtree Park.