The local store circa 1890

Well, we didn’t expect to have to be defending the little historic building at 39 Alexandra Street, currently The Lost & Found Department, from an inappropriate change of use again quite so soon (see our post September 20, 2021).
This wonderful business which has contributed to the charm and success of this commercial and historic 19th century precinct at the heart of our community is again under threat.
The applicant’s 2021 DA for “a shop top housing development with residential accommodation on the first floor, and a retail shop and licenced restaurant on the ground floor”, was withdrawn in November 2021 but this latest proposal is now seeking approval for an increased level of development, 58 patrons up from 40, additional staff, and a bar.

The new DA does not address any of the issues the community raised previously and here is the Trust’s written Submission regarding this proposal. HHT Submission 39 Alexandra Street    As this is a new proposal and will be considered on its merits, if you wrote a previous submission, you can update it quoting DA20220114 and repeat your arguments.  If you haven’t previously sent a submission and would like to do so, email your comments quoting the above DA to by Monday 1st August.