The Trust welcomes the possibility of restoring The Priory and finding a reliable means of funding the restoration and ensuring future maintenance.
We are particularly impressed by the Historical Summary included in the Conservation Management Plan which acknowledges the major state and local heritage importance of this highly significant building and its setting.  This gives the community some confidence that the proposed alterations will be implemented with due regard to their overall impact on the site.
However the Trust does hold concerns that the current proposal, seating over 400 people, would be an over-development of the site, in essence becoming a Function Centre (intended for mass bookings) rather than a restaurant (individual bookings).  Indeed, Council’s confidence in the proponent rests on their expertise with function centres elsewhere in Sydney.
Operating on such a large scale the proposal would inevitably create undue stress on the surrounding streets, the immediate environment and neighbours.  In particular the Trust is concerned at the increased scale of the cafe portion of the development which has grown from a modest offering to a large capacity venue, impacting the setting, trees and curtilage of the Priory.
The increase in the scale of the development at this location and justification given for such a large overall development rests on the assumptions of the Financial Viability report, which has not been made public.  The delay before profitability predicted by this report does not seem to justify the investment required.
See our full submission here: HHT submission re The Priory