Hunters Hill Council has $2m funding from NSW government to spend on upgrading the Gladesville Reserve playing fields.  Council has proposed a fenced-off field with an artificial surface.  Sporting interests, mainly soccer, want a synthetic turf replacement but many in the local community are urging an improved natural turf surface to ensure this valued Crown Land remains accessible to all.

Council is required to consult widely prior to making a decision and you can learn more and get involved by signing the petition provided by the newly formed Sustaining Gladesville Reserve group at:   

Their email address is if you would like to contact them directly.

A fenced off plastic surface will restrict activities other than sports and close off a shared community resource currently much used and enjoyed by all.  Synthetic turf is opposed for its many environmental disadvantages, particularly in a changing climate.  Microplastics migrate to waterways and bushland, vital natural processes are disrupted and native wildlife impacted.  Disposal of the plastic surface every decade or so remains very problematic.   Watch this YouTube showing the very successful natural turf upgrade at Middle Head Oval.


The Trust supports use of the funds to upgrade Gladesville Reserve’s facilities that benefit the whole community and the natural environment through proven techniques that provide a sustainable fit-for-purpose grassed surface.