Loss of Heritage Sandstone kerbs

The Trust were shocked to discover the removal of a large section of heritage sandstone kerbing in Gladesville Road, alongside St Josephs College.  Astonishingly, this work has resulted in the replacement of the sandstone kerb stones with concrete and it is not known what has happened to the large blocks of hand hewn sandstone which have been removed.  This has drastically diminished the streetscape and setting for this landmark building.  Here is our letter to Council and please write to the General Manager Lisa Miscamble at miscamblel@huntershill.nsw.gov.au if you would also like to comment.

We now have an update from the General Manager at Hunters Hill Council who wrote that ‘the works were discussed with our Heritage Adviser at the time who advised that the sand stone gutter was not heritage listed, therefore appropriate infrastructure works could be undertaken.’   
However this does not explain what work necessitated their removal in the first place and ignores the fact that the kerbstones are ‘heritage’ items even if they are not ‘listed’.  In fact their removal goes against the Local Environmental Plan 2012 which states that one of the ‘particular aims’ is ‘to conserve Aboriginal heritage and European heritage that influence the character and identity of the municipality’.

Fortunately since the original travesty of the removal of the sandstone kerbs in Gladesville Road, it now appears the Council have reverted to putting them back in place once the road has been repaired thus maintaining our irreplaceable heritage streetscape.

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  1. Posted October 4, 2020 at 12:03 pm | Permalink

    When are authorities, developers and some residents going to get it that this very special suburb (Hunters Hill) is ALL “heritage” by virtue of its age. It seems some people won’t be happy until all of it is destroyed. The heritage is precisely what attracts people to Hunters Hill in the first place and it is being destroyed and “modernised” at a very rapid rate. If anyone doesn’t like or respect it’s charm then please don’t come here, and then change it. Christine

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