St Joseph’s College development plans

Hunters Hill Council has strongly opposed the plans from St Joseph’s College to build a new Gymnasium and massive Sports Complex.  The College is wholly within a Hunters Hill Council’s heritage conservation area.  The proposal fails to observe the basic heritage objectives set down in the Local Environment Plan and raises concerns due to its:

  • height, scale and lack of setback from the college boundary for the proposed Basketball Complex
  • removal of over 30 trees, several of local significance
  • lack of compatibility with existing college buildings and loss of open space
  • incompatibility with the character and amenity of the residential neighbourhood.

It also fails to present design excellence and there is no intention to contribute to a Voluntary Planning Agreement to benefit ratepayers.

The Minster for Planning has been requested to hold a public hearing.  For more details you can read the Hunters Hill Trust’s submission.

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  1. Posted November 21, 2018 at 11:21 am | Permalink

    Re St Joseph’s College development plan..
    At theHeritage, 35 gladesville Road, we are very worried about ALL the concerns you have listed and have made a submission upon reading the Environmental Impact Study.. Does the Trust realise that the college intends to use this building as a function venue ‘several times a year’? This will badly effect The Heritage and certainly the occupants in Luke Street. The noise and traffic problems would be unbearable.
    The Trust has probably picked this up but I am just making sure.
    Nan Barbour..

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