‘no’ to the Gladesville Planning Proposal

What do you think of having a 54 meter high building (approx 18 storeys with 280 units) at Gladesville shops?

The developer of the Gladesville Shopping Village (GSV) site lodged a Planning Proposal (PP) to Council seeking to increase the height and density allowed at the site. This was refused by Council. The developer took the matter to the State Government which has now said that the PP can proceed, subject to conditions (see the Gateway Determination).

Hunters Hill Council is now asking for community comments on how Council could change the planning controls and allow a building that is higher than what is currently permitted.

The Trust does not support any change that would increase the density of the site over and above what is allowed in the current LEP.  There can be no proper consideration given to changing the planning controls until a Master Plan is in place for the whole site.   Read the Trust’s submission to Council here.

We are deeply concerned about many aspects of the GSV saga, including:

  • poor quality of life for residents (see comments from elderly residents)
  • overshadowing and massive scale
  • adverse impact on pedestrians
  • lack of a cohesive plan with other current developments
  • pressure on local infrastructure
  • traffic gridlock
  • loss of heritage.

Community members are encouraged to send their comments  to council@huntershill.nsw.gov.au before Tuesday 20th March.

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  1. Posted March 20, 2018 at 11:02 am | Permalink

    Better planning is imperative for everyone involved. Consideration of community, future residents and overall quality of life for everyone impacted is critical. Please don’t allow a shortsighted development to impact the people’s everyday life and the community spirit.

    Who will address the negative impact of this high density development that does not appear to cater for the general good of the community. Will traffic congestion be addressed by the developers as well as demands on already strained educational systems. Totally unfair for developers to profit and make no ongoing contribution to rectify the impact they will make on existing community resources.

    As a resident, it is becoming increasingly difficult to negotiate across the suburb without being held up in ridiculous traffic congestion due to ill thought out development approvals. Please consider EVERYONE that will be impacted….people please not just developers!

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