or get this?

do we keep this?

The Greater Sydney Commission has released the Revised Draft North District-Plan. It predicts there will be 200,000 more people living in 92,000 more dwellings in the North District by 2036.

It sets out priorities raised by all of us who commented on the 2016 draft, including:

  • Protection of neighbourhood character
  • Medium density rather than high density housing
  • Enhanced walking and cycling connections
  • Improved transport and infrastructure to support housing
  • Measures to protect biodiversity
  • Protection of natural landscape including foreshore and bushland
  • Protection of open space, including Green Grid and urban tree canopy
  • Protection of metropolitan rural areas, particularly South Dural.

Why is this so very different from the reality of what is happening around us right now?

Comment on this latest draft before December 15th.