The Trust recently invited all the candidates to answer 7 questions:

  1. Background of each candidate
  2. Their goals and vision for Hunters Hill and how they hope to achieve them
  3. How they will respond to increasing pressures of development in Hunters Hill so as to preserve its heritage and character, including its mature tree canopy
  4. If they support an upgrade of the heritage listing in the LEP to include more buildings from the 20th century
  5. Their position on the Gladesville Shopping Village
  6. Political party membership
  7. How their preferences will be distributed.

Check the verbatim record of what they said:

North Ward candidates’ responses (here)

Group A Independent:  Group Leader Mark Bennett

Group B Liberal:  Group Leader Ben Collins

Group C Independent:  Group Leader Ross Williams

South Ward candidates’ responses (here)

Group A Independent:  Group Leader Justine McLaughlin

Group B Independent:  Group Leader Jim Sanderson

Group C Liberal:  Group Leader Zac Miles

What ward you are in?   Map of Hunters Hill Council ward boundaries.

The Trust is not supporting any particular candidate for Mayor or Councillor.  We urge Trust members to consider the records of those sitting councillors who are standing again and to carefully examine the information provided.  We want representatives on Council who will work to preserve the garden character of Hunters Hill, who will support the conservation of its unique natural and built heritage and take a stand against inappropriate development.

Find out more about individual candidates from the Electoral Commission website.